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  • IDEAS    EXPERTISE    DELIVERY<br><small>Specialist commercial advice on circular business models and environmental finance</small>

    Specialist commercial advice on circular business models and environmental finance

  • COMMERCIAL    RESEARCH    FINANCE<br><small>Robust business cases, market and technical research to achieve business growth</small>

    Robust business cases, market and technical research to achieve business growth

  • FRIENDLY    PROFESSIONAL    FLEXIBLE<br><small>People who adapt to the needs of the challenge, helping achieve change</small>

    People who adapt to the needs of the challenge, helping achieve change

Recent Work


QSA are the lead contractor on the WRAP REBus project. We are working with more than 20 large and small companies to transition from linear to circular business models including repair; reuse; trade in and remanufacturing.

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Land Securities

QSA Partners delivered a review to help inform Land Securities’ strategy on circular economy and waste management. We researched industry practices, visited Land Securities sites and held workshops to draw out existing best practice.

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QSA helped develop a business and financial model for a new re-tread tyre for vans: the “Vanvulc tyre” for delivery vans and a sale of service management service. Now Bandvulc provides services for over two thirds of the UK supermarket vehicle fleets.

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QSA Services

  • Business model review
  • Innovation workshop – developing your ideas
  • Feasibility and financial assessment and options appraisal
  • Full business and financial case development
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  • Trial/test model support
  • Ongoing support
  • Reboot

Latest News

Data protection and the Circular Economy

May 1, 2018 | Gerrard Fisher
Everywhere you turn at the moment there’s a new article on data protection, or an example of where it’s gone wrong. How does this relate to the circular economy? Does it create any opportunities?
Many of our followers already know that at QSA, we focus on the value that Circular Economy business models create for customers and suppliers. Data protection is certainly an area where good practice creates value!
The law is clear for companies that handle their clients’ and customers’ personal data. In many circular economy models (such as leasing and service) you’re already striving to create and maintain an excellent customer relationship, so you probably want to gather personal information about them but you must comply with the requirements of GDPR. This means you must minimise your data collection to that directly relevant to the service you’re providing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore how that information can help you improve your service to the customer.
The law is less clear about items that are discarded by users when they think they’re end-of-life. The regulator for privacy and personal data (the ICO - Information Commissioner’s Office) has stated that users are responsible for personal data they leave on items at waste and recycling centres. While this relieves local authorities and waste companies of any burden for data control, even better it creates a value opportunity for those outlets. By adding a data destruction service, they can provide more value to customers.
This can introduce complications, though. What if the device can’t be switched on or wiped? Should the collector offer a secure shredding service for devices? Wouldn’t that be considered pre-treatment of WEEE?
I think data protection, and greater consumer awareness about it, is going to help drive better thinking and practice on how services are used and end-of-life devices are managed. Finally, better stewardship of information can drive the better stewardship of physical products that many of us have wanted for so long.
In the meantime, we’re getting our GDPR compliance in order here at QSA using a small business GDPR platform called Astrid. We’ll post more about this soon.

2017 – Looking back on a year of circular action, ready for 2018

January 3, 2018 | Gerrard Fisher As we take a moment to reflect at the start of a new year, it made me think of what we’ve achieved at QSA Partners in 2017 and what a wide range of clients and projects we’ve worked with. If there’s one thing I enjoy about the circular economy, it’s the vast range of work that you can apply it to. Read More

Working smarter, not harder? Ten years of smartphones

November 15, 2017 | Gerrard Fisher This week I was invited to speak at a Debating Development session at the University of Antwerp. The topic was “A smart what? Investigating the global impact of ten years of smartphones.” Read More

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