As we take a moment to reflect at the start of a new year, it made me think of what we’ve achieved at QSA Partners in 2017 and what a wide range of clients and projects we’ve worked with. If there’s one thing I enjoy about the circular economy, it’s the vast range of work that you can apply it to.

It was great to see the completion of the EU LIFE REBus project with WRAP. Several years of hard work by QSA and others has led to a great portfolio of examples on commercial and public sector circular projects (see for more info and case studies.) It has been incredible to work with companies ranging from hydrogen fuel-cell cars, through sustainably-sourced mattresses, to global technology companies. The same principles apply every time: focus on business models that meet unmet customer needs!

On a parallel type of work, we were pleased to see circular projects kick off in Scotland, supporting reuse organisations on developing their circular offer. We also enjoyed working with Eunomia to create a set of business model masterclasses and we’re looking forward to running these in 2018 (you can find our more about that here.)

Evidence for change is important for influencing stakeholders, so it was great to work with 3Keel, Icaro Consulting and Richard Scott to develop the latest version of WRAP’s report on electrical and electronic products – Switched on to Value: Powering Business Change. We hope that it helps to influence more people about the importance of circular economy in sustainable business. We also created new insight for Land Securities – working with them to inform their development of a circular economy strategy. It was incredible to see the wide range of circular opportunities and challenges that exist in the retail property sector.

Speaking of opportunity, the Circular Sanitation Economy project with the Toilet Board Coalition was an eye opener. Much of our previous work had focused on high-value products, so assessing the business case for treating sewage with new circular techniques was a new challenge. This work helped me to reset my own understanding of circularity – that there is a greater case than ever to challenge the status quo and perceived “best” way to do business as usual.

We’re kicking off the new year by challenging the status quo in the fashion retail market, delivering LWARB’s circular clothing business model project. In the next few months, we’re looking forward to getting some new circular business offers out in this area and we’ll hopefully be posting more news about that on here soon!

Thank you to our many clients, partners and collaborators for excellent work on circularity in 2017. We’re looking forward to achieving even more with them in 2018.

If you’d like to get involved, or find out how QSA Partners can contribute to your circular business thinking, get in touch.