We provide expert advice, insight and evidence to help take your business model ideas and turn them into reality. We work in a structured way but provide flexibility to adapt to change along the journey.

Our speciality is helping clients switch from a “sales” business model to a more “service” business model, by using a circular business approach.

The benefits we provide are:

1. Absolute focus on customer needs – to make sure your offer is targeted at the right market and offers a service customers will pay for.
2. Clear and powerful financial analysis of the business case – so you can understand cash flow, how profitable it will be, and what factors influence business performance.
3. Strong focus on market research – to understand where competitors are and how to keep ahead of them.
4. Advice on complex issues across a range of sectors – our team of experts can interpret and unpick information to help you cut to core issues.

Our services

We offer our services in several stages, so you can have flexibility in how and when to access our expertise. We can also bespoke our offer to suit your needs more specifically as required

1. Existing Business model review

Typically one day, in person or by phone

We start with understanding your how your business currently works: your strategy, objectives and model – what are the key performance indicators you use? This helps us to tailor the project to your needs and identify where to focus effort.

2. Innovation workshop – developing your ideas

Typically one day, in person,

We help to host an idea generation workshop and complete a rapid assessment to hone down on some options and business models that look most suited to your current situation. After the workshop, we provide a summary of the session and identify the most promising opportunities to offer to customers.

3. Feasibility and financial assessment and options appraisal

Typically 3-5 days,

We help choose the main options and carry out feasibility assessment on them: this can include high level financial modelling to help identify which options are likely to require the most investment, bring the biggest returns and/or greatest savings. We carry out desk research, looking at your market, what your competitors are doing, how the customer journey would look, how you might sell the proposition and how closely each option matches your business objectives. We can carry out technical research into your product and materials, how they can be re-used, remanufactured or re-designed to suit your proposition.

The outcome of the feasibility assessment is the best options ranked on the basis of financials, markets, resources, clients and supply partners. We identify how much you potentially need to invest, what profit and revenue might be and environmental measures. The ideas identified in the innovation workshop will be honed down to between one and three potentially commercially viable options.

4. Full business and financial case development

Typically 10-20 days, depending on the nature of the project

Focusing on the most promising option, we develop all the information you need to decide whether to progress to a trial of the business model. This can include a detailed proposition and customer journey, desk research on details and developed operating model to provide the service.

We can work with your existing insight provider or provide capacity to complete market research on your behalf. This gives you confidence that your customers are willing and keen to buy your new service and how they will value the offer.

We create a robust financial model, to give you a clear picture of your idea’s financial performance – cash flow, payback and profit – as well as the detail you need on your business model to progress to a trial.

5. Trial/test model support

Typically 1-5 days, depending on your needs

This part of the process is bespoke to each client but typically includes a review of expectations against actual performance, experience and achievements. We update the business model/plan accordingly and use real trial quality information to inform further decisions.

At this point, you are likely to have enough colleagues on board that buy into the idea and can progress it without significant involvement from us. We can provide a support role, keeping your team and project on track.

6. Ongoing support

Ongoing support requirements vary from client to client but we are here to provide whatever level of support you require. You may be in a position to run a test or take steps towards a new business model with minimal support. Or you might need help with change management, supply-chain issues, financial modelling on an ongoing basis or other support in addition to your in-house capability.

7. Reboot

We understand that business priorities and teams can change. If you have a change of personnel or your progress grinds to a halt for any reason, we can hold a ‘reboot’ session with you to review where you are in the process, how the steps you have taken have worked out and what needs done next in order to kick-start your project again.

Client testimonials

We’ve worked with large and small clients to achieve great change and enhanced profitability. See more about our work here.