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Naturalmat are an award-winning SME manufacturer of 100% organic natural fibre mattresses and beds for adults and children. They produce a range of both pocket sprung and totally natural material based mattresses, using natural latex, coir, local lamb’s wool and fabrics and make their products at their base in Exeter, Devon. They have a wide range of UK and worldwide clients.

QSA through the REBus program provided ideas, market research and proposition development that helped Naturalmat develop their thinking, and commercial customer orientated circular offers that now lead the market in reducing the amount of mattress waste throughout its life. This led to changes in the way mattresses and constructed, introducing a free mattress take-back service, a closed-loop leasing model for hotel, an up-cycling and replacement customer offer, and a B2B refresh service. &

‘QSA brought fresh ideas, incisive market research and a deep knowledge of circular business models which has resulted in commercially useful customer offers’ Peter Tindall Director


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