With a host of events cancelled due to Covid-19, QSA Partners is in big demand on the online circuit! Next month we will be speaking at a series of webinars and online events, explaining how businesses could benefit from a circular business model.

How to make more money by selling less stuff

On Tuesday 2nd June, QSA partner Gerrard Fisher will be speaking at Business in Oxford (BIO) Live. Gerrard will be sharing his experience of helping businesses from Samsung to Adidas change the way they work and move towards a more circular business model. Find out how you can get started in your own business and make more money by selling less stuff.

Find out more at Business in Oxford.

How to bring circularity to the workplace

Gerrard will feature again on Thursday 4th June in a Crown Workspace webinar looking at how to bring circularity to the workplace. The webinar is part of Circular London Week which is showcasing how cities and businesses are progressing towards a low carbon future.

As part of a panel of speakers, Gerrard will be sharing his experience of successfully implementing circular business models in a wide range of organisations including how to go about it, the different approaches, the challenges faced and lessons he has learnt.

Find out more at Crown Workspace and book online as part of Circular London Week.

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