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Clients and Projects


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C&A Foundation – Creative Circular Economy Business Models

QSA and LWARB are working for the C&A Foundation to develop circular business models with four UK retailers in the fashion market. This London-based project will provide one-to-one support to four retailers and lead each company through a tried and tested process for developing circular business models. Three retailers will then pilot a circular business model by the end of 2020 and commit to permanently bringing these offers to market by May 2021.

London Waste and Recycling Board – Circular Clothing Business Model

QSA and its associates are working for LWARB focused on developing a new circularly business model with a key UK retailers in the fashion market.


Zero Waste Scotland – Circular Economy Business Model Support

QSA with Resource Futures are delivering circular business model support to the re-use hubs and construction sectors SME’s within Scotland. With aim for pilots to go live in 2018.

QSA with Eunomia Consulting are delivering Circular Economy Re-manufacture Masterclasses to the manufacturing sector in 2018.

WRAP – Switched on to Value: Powering Business Change

QSA lead the work with 3Keel, Icaro Consulting and Richard Scott on an updating on WRAP’s Switched on to Value evidence based Report on the circular opportunities for businesses in the Electrical and Electronics Equipment sector using resource more sustainability

Toilet Board Coalition  – The Circular Sanitation Economy

The Toilet Board Coalition aims to accelerate business solutions that deliver sanitation at scale by innovating at the social, economic and organisational levels to the 2 billion people who don’t have access to sanitation.

QSA worked on the circular business cases and financial models of the Circular Sanitation Economy report to help demonstrate the key elements and commercial viability of the new business models.

WRAP – Resource Efficient Business Models (REBus)

QSA were the lead contractor on the WRAP REBus project. We worked with more than 20 large and small companies to transition from linear to circular business models including lease; trade-in; repair; reuse; and remanufacturing. We dealt with aspects such as customer proposition, market research, financial model, business plan to pilot and rollout. We worked with clients such as Argos,B&Q/Kingfisher, DHL, IKEA, Panasonic, Samsung, Sky, Po-Zu, Globechain, Tala LED, Rentez-Vous and Premier Workplace.

Client examples include


We worked extensively with Argos teams to help develop the business and financial model for the launch of a gadget trade-in scheme. Argos Gadget trade-in online Argos You-tube video case study


We worked with the IKEA team to help develop circular thinking and the business case for a textile take-back scheme. IKEA Cardiff take-back pilot


We worked in-depth with Samsung to develop the proposition and business case for the trial and rollout of mobile phone and now other products take-back scheme. Samsung trade-in online


We worked with Globechain, to help define the market, develop the business and financial model prior to major launch. It is now the UK’s largest Re-use platform.

For more REBus examples see here

Land Securities Logo
Land Securities image

Land Securities

Land Securities is the largest commercial property company in the UK and a leader in property sector sustainability.

QSA Partners delivered a review to help inform Land Securities’ strategy on circular economy and waste management. We researched industry practices, visited Land Securities sites and held workshops to draw out existing best practice, then develop actions to keep Land Securities at the forefront of its sector.

“QSA’s work with our site teams was great – QSA understood the realities of site operations and developed realistic recommendations for us to implement actions.” Madeleine Velupillai, Environment Manager.

Riversimple Image


Riversimple designs and manufactures hydrogen fuel cell electric cars in Wales that it will provide through an innovative mobility as a service contract. Customers will pay each month for mobility service, Riversimple will maintain the vehicle and pay for fuel.

QSA, through Innovate UK funding, LIFE REbus funding and directly, has worked with Riversimple over a number of years, helping it develop a financial model for investment and also unique set of sale of service/circular economy propositions for customers. In addition, we’ve developed new models with suppliers – from tyres to fuel cells – so the system can be optimally designed for each model of car.

‘QSA have brought valuable commercial proposition and financial knowledge to Riversimple and greatly aided our journey into offering circular business models’
Dr Stafford Lloyd System & Sustainability Engineer

Naturalmat Logo


Naturalmat are an award-winning SME manufacturer of 100% organic natural fibre mattresses and beds for adults and children. They produce a range of both pocket sprung and totally natural material based mattresses, using natural latex, coir, local lamb’s wool and fabrics and make their products at their base in Exeter, Devon. They have a wide range of UK and worldwide clients.

QSA through the REBus program provided ideas, market research and proposition development that helped Naturalmat develop their thinking, and commercial customer orientated circular offers that now lead the market in reducing the amount of mattress waste throughout its life. This led to changes in the way mattresses and constructed, introducing a free mattress take-back service, a closed-loop leasing model for hotel, an up-cycling and replacement customer offer, and a B2B refresh service. &

‘QSA brought fresh ideas, incisive market research and a deep knowledge of circular business models which has resulted in commercially useful customer offers’ Peter Tindall Director

Mujo Logo
Mujo Image


A highly innovative small company offering the world’s first to use unique moving axis cam technology to improve musculoskeletal (MSK) health care through a combination smart equipment devices, outpatient records and predictive analytics. MUJO manufactures and supplies unique rehabilitation and training equipment for patients. This is delivered to existing health centre providers / NHS, corporations and through their own clinics.

QSA through the REBus program provided expert help and service thinking and to develop the business and rigorous financial case for moving from a sales model to a service and PAYG model in the target markets which was taken to trial and adopted as the main business model. This has resulted in increased customer acquisition and a tenfold reduction in manufactured material volume.

‘the QSA team have been great, they have a high level of expertise combined with a proactive and collaborative approach’ Douglas Higgins Founding Director

Bandvulc tyre


Bandvulc is the leading UK’s re-treading and tyre management company, with over 70% of the UK’s supermarkets articulated truck fleet running on their re-tread tyres, and is now part of the Continental Group. A re-treaded Bandvulc tyre is fitted every 2 and half minutes across Europe.

QSA helped develop a business and financial model for a new re-tread tyre for vans: the “Vanvulc tyre” for delivery vans and a sale of service management service. We ran cross-departmental innovation sessions to gain ideas and join people together, developed specific market insight research and created the business financial modelling to take the business to pilot. This has led to new Vanvulc tyre sales of over £4m, with a 30% sales growth forecast and substantial material and carbon savings.

‘QSA were great to have onside asa fresh pair of expert eyes to help us with the business model, market research and financials’. ‘We would recommend companies talking to these experts and also talk to your customers’ Richard O’Connell Director