We work with clients to help them identify a realistic way of achieving their sustainability goals, whether they’re looking for help with writing a sustainability strategy or developing a circular business model. We recognise that all businesses are different and everyone has a different starting point.

Starting out

Get started and learn how the circular economy can benefit your business – and the need to get moving quickly.


Get to grips with the options available to you and how to choose the best short-and long-term actions

Feasibility Study

Detailed research and market validation to help you know where to focus your priorities

Full Business Case

Full market, operating and commercial case showing the value & profit the business will create

Circular & sustainable electronic products

Sustainable electronic products aren’t just about designing reparable products, using recycled content or sourcing ethical critical raw materials. There are deeper issues about consumer behaviour and data security.

Gerrard has a strong track record in electronic product ecodesign, durability and consumer behaviour change to boost collection and recycling of e-waste. He created an industry working group on resource efficiency and persuaded the European TV manufacturing industry to implement a “mercury-free” logo across the whole of Europe to improve recycling processes.

He is currently advising Defra on EU Ecodesign issues and BEIS on product regulation options for circular economy and can advise on design aspects, waste management and more.

Sustainable clothing and apparel

Kristina has worked in the sustainable clothing industry for over a decade, delivering essential work in support of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, the European Clothing Action Plan and for private clients in support of their own sustainability objectives. Kristina has strong experience in helping brands engage with customers on sustainability,  enhancing garment production to maximise durability and improving supply chain practices and relationships; she has an excellent network of industry contacts.

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Sustainable transport, mobility and energy

We don’t just consult, Mark Hodgson runs his own car and e-bike sharing business called Co-Cars/Co-Bikes. He’s an expert on sustainable mobility infrastructure and developing sharing business models that customers will use. Mark has advised Riversimple on their revolutionary business model and is working with new start-ups on energy storage systems for the future.

Influencing sustainable consumer behaviour

Whether it’s choosing a more sustainable transport option, buying lower-impact products, or improving recycling behaviours of householders, QSA has a wide range of experience in identifying customer needs, pain points and assessing how the right proposition can better address those needs. We’re experts at pushing beyond the “default to green” analysis that consumer research often finds, and teasing out the really important behaviours and levers to work with.