Increasingly we are working with brands who are looking to understand how they can implement circular business models within their businesses.

How we work

Our approach is to help businesses become more resilient to market forces and proactive in  embedding sustainability, whilst ensuring products and services are commercially successful and customer focused. We have a vast amount of experience working with brands and retailers as well as companies across all parts of the supply chain.

We bring together people from across a business to embed sustainable change through commercial business approaches. Integrating sustainability into the commercial offering ensures it is not merely seen as an add-on or responsibility of one single department or person. Critically this means there are closer, longer-term relationships with key stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. As a result, sustainability is covered across all parts of a business.

We offer a diverse range of skills, meaning we work with companies developing and implementing sustainability strategies as well looking at more specific projects such as improving performance of suppliers, working with in-house teams to review customer services (to reduce returns and inform design/supplier teams) and training store staff to assist with messaging at POS on topics such as garment care.

Support services we provide brands and retailers include:

• Circular business models – Developing, piloting and implementing

• Sustainability strategies – from concept; development through to implementation
• Engagement – helping brands engage with consumers on sustainability both on a corporate and garment care level
• Supply chain work – working with brands to improve supply chain practices and improve relationships

We work closely with our associates at the Design School at the University Of Leeds, we have worked with brands to carry out performance and durability testing on products helping to close the loop to improve design, care instructions and  supply chain activities.

Some current and recent projects

We are currently working with ASOS in conjunction with LWARB and ECAP to look at trialling a circular business model within a large retailer.
In addition, we are working with the C&A Foundation on their ‘Bridging the Gap’ project which is looking to implement circular economy into the apparel sector. We are specifically providing one-to-one support to four global brands, leading each company through our tried and tested process for developing circular business models.

We have supported the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan since 2008; helping the initiative to improve sustainability practices across industry, working with a range of brands from luxury to high street to supermarket including ASOS, COS, F&F, John Lewis, Stella McCartney, Ted Baker, and Whistles.
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