B positive for 2021

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We are very proud to announce QSA Partners is now a Certified B Corporation. What does this mean? We are recognised and independently certified as a business that properly balances purpose and profit.  B Corps™ are businesses that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. At the heart of QSA is our ethos to ‘do the right thing’ as it is incredibly important to us that our work achieves real change and improves our clients’ sustainability performance. The achievement of becoming a B Corp™ fits with both our business and personal goals and ambition.

Being a great company, in great company

We now stand alongside people and organisations who we’ve looked up to and admired from large brands and companies such as Finisterre, Patagonia to smaller industry experts Ecosurety, 3Keel, to emerging new players who can radically improve environmental and social impacts – such as Bulb and Matchable. Our ambition is to take our place in this growing cohort – and to grow our impacts by helping companies implement bigger, better, more circular business models. We know the sustainability benefits these models bring and the commercial improvements they deliver too. We are proud of the egalitarian way our business works – small, nimble and effective.

Scores on the doors

We will always be transparent about our performance. Our first assessment just cleared the pass mark at 81.3: our challenges were completing a robust assessment when we don’t qualify for certain categories (for example, we have no employees) and to formalise our mission and business KPIs in such a small company. For more details see About Us

Can we help your business?

QSA Partners is a specialist team of circular economy and sustainable business experts with extensive experience in mobility, infrastructure and consumer markets. We have worked with many well and lesser known brands including adidas, HS1 Ltd, Samsung, riversimple and Ikea.  Our extensive experience across a broad range of industries gives us a unique perspective that benefits all our clients.  We believe that better business models – whether based on sustainability or circular economy principles – help our clients stay relevant, grow market share and open up different markets in this rapidly changing world, providing business resilience against the impacts and risks of climate change. Find out more about our services or contact us to see how we can help your business benefit.

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